Info on Pay and Pensions for the Indian Marine, Royal Indian Marine,

Royal Indian Navy and its Reserves



Source: BL: IOR: L/AG/26/14/1 - List of Officers of the Indian Army, Indian Medical Services and Royal Indian Marine who were admitted to pensions in India - April 1898 to March 1913


The R.I.M. returns are to be found near the end of this volume. Most of the returns were ‘nil’. Nevertheless, there are some entries.


Example (from those of 31st March 1908):-





Shopland, E.K.

Amount of pension Commuted

£25 “ “

Amount of Commutation Paid

Rs 3263 “ “

Date from which Commutation took effect and date of payment

27th April 1906


Secretary of State’s Mily Telegram of 19th April 1906




Source: BL: IOR: L/AG/20/13/17 - Navy, Marine and Pilot Service: Leave and Duty Pay Books - R.I.M. and Pilot Service - 1891-1893


This is one of a number of series theoretically going back to the Bombay Marine in 1797 and finishing in 1947. There are clear alphabetical indexes at the front showing separately ‘Indian Marine Furlough Pay’; ‘Bengal Pilot Service Furlough Pay’; ‘Indian Marine Retired Pay’; and ‘Bengal Pilot Service Retired Pay’. As could be expected, most of the info relates to payments, although there can be other useful snippets, such as pensions per annum and their home addresses.




Source: BL: IOR: L/AG/20/13/42 - Navy, Marine and Pilot Service: Leave and Duty Pay Books - 1945-47 L-M


As in L/AG/20/13/17 this is part of the records spanning from 1797 to 1947. This volume is basically in alphabetical order. There is in reality very little intelligible to researchers (other than ex pay officers and writers possibly) except for officers’ addresses and their bankers. It should be stated that officers of the R.I.N.R, R.I.N.V.R. and also the Burma Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve are also included.




Source: BL: IOR: L/AG/21/21/36 - R.I.M. and R.I.N. Pension Payment Books March 1942 to March 1948


As above, this is another of a number of series theoretically going all the way back to the Bombay Marine in 1797, but continuing through to March 1957. This has an alphabetical index at front and once again, has hardly any info other than officers’ addresses. Incidentally, it too also covers the R.I.N.R. and R.I.N.V.R.



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