Pay records for the Bombay Marine, Indian Navy and Pilot Services



Source: BL: IOR: L/AG/20/13/1 - Bombay Marine. Leave and Duty Pay 1797-1814


This single volume is alphabetically indexed at the front. Some care needs taking with this, but is explained in a note written there. These relate to line officers only down to and including volunteers/midshipmen (with one pilot). However, apart from pay scales and that drawn, for most entries there is no other information.







Acting Lieut Thomas Tanner



1808 Jany 8th

To Cash





Per Contra



1807 Decr 31st

By Pay from 10th July 1807

50. .1




Source: BL: IOR: L/AG/20/13/6 - Indian Navy and Pilot Services. (Catalogued as) Leave and Duty Pay 1854-1860

Seemingly as part of a series of eight volumes also covering the Bombay Marine from 1814-1876. This particular volume relates to the Indian Navy and Bengal Pilot service. There are alphabetical indexes at the front under various headings showing which service, whether officers were on furlough (leave), or on the retired list.

Basically these only relate to aspects of pay and unless one has an interest in percentages going to the Indian Navy Fund, or income tax, overwhelmingly there is nothing of note. Nevertheless, the long periods of furlough can be logged and occasionally deaths are shown. In this particular volume, at least, there is no element of ‘duty’ pay as far as I can determine.




Source: BL: IOR: L/AG/20/14/1 & 2 - Steam Vessels: Seamen’s Wages 1837-59


These are pay books for the entire ships’ companies (including officers and petty officers) of the individual steam vessels built in the United Kingdom, with gaps from 1837 to 1856. These may be of limited use to genealogists, but would be of far more import to historians.




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