British Maritime History...


Background to researching mariners



Mercantile & Naval


The British Merchant Service, Fishing Fleets c.1835 - c.1972 with reference to Seagoing Naval Reserves

The Royal Navy from c.1690 to c.1923

with reference to Naval Reserves




The British in India

The ‘Honourable’ East India Company

1600 -1834

The Indian Marine through to the Royal Indian Navy, R.I.N.R. and R.I.N.V.R. c.1613 to 1947



Academic Papers and Publications

Academic papers primarily on the Royal Navy from the Revolutionary Wars of 1793 through to 2015

Privately published monographs resulting from my main personal research into the British Merchant Service and Royal Naval Reserve during the Great War 1914-1919




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Please note that I have now retired  from full-time freelance research and am presently, constructing a new website reflecting my long-term study on the Great War 1914-19. Nevertheless, I am open to taking on commissions relating to the careers of mariners that served during the Great War, as well as operational and commercial aspects of this conflict.




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