Example of the Service Sheet of a Commissioned Officer of the Royal Navy loaned to the Royal Indian Navy



Source: BL: IOR: L/MIL/16-7 - Officers on loan from the Royal Navy


This volume is in exactly the same format as in the service sheets for R.I.N. officers and covers the Second World War Period. Also, it is alphabetically indexed at the front. While strictly R.N., not only does this cover commissioned officers of all branches and junior to senior officers, it has also warrant officers, particularly warrant telegraphists and gunners, but also others such as signal boatswains and warrant electricians. In fact, in all those categories that the R.I.N was deficient in, especially due to wartime expansion.






KENDALL, B.E. Ag Commander RN (Seniority 1.5.42)


Time Served

Rank or position ...

Ship, Establishment or Office ...


1.5.42 - 5.6.42

Ag Comdr RN

“Dalhousie” addl

Promoted to Ag. Comdr from 1.5.42., from which date “DALHOUSIE” addl and live on shore

Ty duty Bombay to Delhi 8.5.42 p.m. Returned to Bombay 18.5.42. Ty duty Bombay to Karachi 4.6.42

6.6.42 - 25.6.42



“MONZE” addl and live on shore 6.6.42.

26.6.42 - 27.12.42



Returned from Karachi 26.6.42 and apptdDalhousie”addl and live on shore




Appointed Machliman in command 28.12.42. D.L. 55/43




Ty duty Bombay to Delhi 31.7.44 p.m. Returned to Bombay 7.8.44 p.m. DL 63/44



“Dalhousie” addl as D.P.  No. 9

Dalhousie addl as Deputy President No. 9 G.H.Q. Selection Board. Lonavla 28.12.44. Assumed duties 10.1.45 D. 3/45

10 days casual leave from 28.12.44 to 6.1.45 incl. Bombay DL 1/45

H.M.S. Victory Addl (Except for pay not “to join”) and sailed for U.K. prior to reversion to R.N. 5.6.45 DL 56/45

“Victory” addl. FSL 23.6.45 (Reverted to R.N.) (To continue to serve in Ag rank of Commander)

(C.W. List dated 3.7.45) DL 113/45


As in the earlier service sheets relating to the Indian Marine and Royal Indian Marine, there are additional sections relating to ‘brief history prior to joining’ etc. In many of these nothing is recorded.



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