Examples of Certificates of Service for one time ‘naval’ officers serving within the Indian Administration



Source: BL: IOR: V/12/15 - Government of India: History of Services of Officers holding Gazetted Appointments in the Home, Education, Revenue & Agricultural, Legislative, and Commerce & Industry Departments (Calcutta: Superintendent Government Printing) 1918 (corrected to 1st July 1918)


In spite of the title, the Marine Department is also covered in this series of volumes from 1908 to 1927. It should be noted that these merely contain senior officials in the Royal Indian Marine Dockyards at Bombay and Calcutta. As these were not seagoing personnel by any stretch of the imagination, I have not copied an example.





Source: BL: IOR: V/12/320 - Histories of Service - Province of Bombay 1940 - Scind only


Produced annually, this is last volume of a ‘state’ series running from 1875 to 1945. In this particular case (dealing with Scind only) the only R.I.N. connection relates to two officials at the Mercantile Marine Department, Karachi.





Lt.-Comdr. F.F.W. Harvey, R.I.N.



Substantive Appointment


Officiating Appointment





Ex-officio Nautical Surveyor,

Mercantile Marine Dept.





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