An Example of an Indian Navy Nomination for Volunteer (also relating to Captains’ Clerks)



Source: BL: IOR: L/MAR/8/4 - Nominations of candidates for appointments to the Indian Navy (and the Bengal Pilot Service) submitted by the Finance, Home and Public Works Committee for Royal Approval - 9th November 1858 to 21st November 1861

There is a hand-written, but neatly compiled alphabetical index at the rear of this relatively small volume. These relate to captains’ clerks, volunteers and others where their status is not mentioned but probably volunteers.






At a Finance, Home + Public Works

Committee, the 11th January 1859


.....The undermentioned Candidate for

the appointment of a Volunteer for

the Indian Navy appeared before

Committee, and produced the Certificates

required by the Regulations



By whom


John Lindlay Leckie

Lord Stanley

On the recommendation of

Charles Mills Esq





?J Danvers?


Approved by the Queen

Arthur ?Bonalow?




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