Examples of Bombay Marine and Indian Navy Musters



Source: BL: IOR: L/MIL/12/118 - Bombay Army - Musters 1726-1740


Among this are musters of seamen landed from individual ships said to be of the Bombay Marine in 1738 - the Indiamen Resolution, Onslow and Nassau. There are also others from the Anglesea lost in 1738.




Source: BL: IOR: L/MIL/12/126 - Monthly Returns of the Bombay Army 1772-1773


This volume gives military musters and passengers landed only. The vast majority of these were soldiers anyway


Catalogue states that there is:-


‘... Estates of deceased Bombay Marine Personnel, Aug 1772 - Jul. 1773...’




Source: BL: IOR: O/5/31 - ‘Bombay inhabitants’ 1718-1792

As per the catalogue ‘The lists give the names of free merchants, inhabitants, seafaring men, temporary residents, women and children, with occasional additional details such as ship and destination for transients. Between 1764 and 1767 officers of the Company’s Bombay Marine are included, with the names of their ships. Licensed and unlicensed residents are distinguished from the 1760s’. Incidentally, Surat and other factories also mentioned in some of these.

These have been beautifully preserved in three parts, on a format of A2 (that is double A3 or four times A4). Therefore, these are bulky volumes. Part II includes the entries for the Bombay Marine for December 1764 and January 1767.


Example taken from one muster:-


‘..................................Bombay 25th January 1766 -

List of European Seamen in the Honble the United East

India Company’s Marine Service at Bombay and Surat viz









Eagle Snow



James Scott



Joseph Sherman

1st Lieutenant


Saml Hough Ayres

2nd ... Do


Richard Russell



William Rothwell



John Barney



Enoch Luney

Quarter Master


John Layton



William Morris



Francis Wolfe

Boatswain’s Mate


Patrick Lambert

Gunner’s Mate





George Blair

Captain’s Servant


James Bryan



John McKay



John Baxter



Abraham Simpson



James Carty



James Fox



John Froud



James Murray



William Jennings



John ?Queng?



John Austin



Samuel Davis



Peter Adams



Cornelius Murphy



John McKan



Henry Lawrence



Alexander Casey





Source: BL: IOR: H/149 - Home Miscellaneous Series


The ‘List of Europeans belonging to the Honble Company’s Marine’ for 15th April 1780 is to be found in folios 157 to 161. In an identical form to O/5/31 above, this is in a fragile state. The original sheets being larger than the binding, they have been folded over and having become brittle with age, two of the extraneous strips of these have become detached. Presently these are still tucked in with the corresponding pages, although one small portion is now missing.




Source: BL: IOR: L/MAR/C/680A - Bombay Marine. List of officers and men in the various Ships (stated incorrectly in the catalogue as 1767-1837)


These are musters by ship’s company dated 25th March 1766; 27th April 1766; 10th November 1766; 12th May 1767; 25th November 1768; 19th January 1769; 28th March 1769; 31st October 1769; 31st March 1770; 20th November 1770; 10th March 1772; 12th April 1772; 15th January 1773; 1st April 1773; and 8th November 1774. It should be noted that not all are strictly in chronological order. Once again, they take the form as in O/5/31 (above).


Also, among the above there are also lists of surgeons and volunteers for 8th November 1774. At the end there are lists of commanders and officers for 8th November 1774 and 1st June 1775




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