Records of Appointment for Officers to be in the Bengal Pilot Service



Source: BL: IOR: L/MAR/C/689 - Catalogued as Appointments of volunteers for the Bombay Marine and Pilot Service - 1794-1830

This single volume is alphabetically indexed at the rear. There are two listings, the former relate to lists of volunteers beginning with the Bombay Marine 1794 to 1817; continuing with the Bengal Pilot Service from 1818 to 1830; then for the Bombay Pilot Service 1828. The latter listing listings generally are related to volunteers ‘attending the Committee’, beginning with the Bombay Marine jumbled chronologically from 1795 to 1829. From there are appointments of the Bengal Pilot Service August 1834 to October 1837

In a poor state, formatted but not necessarily clear to modern readers, as well as being exceedingly scruffy most of the time, no examples have been noted by me at this time.

Also, there are additional pages at the front, covering various subjects including a proposal of abolishing the Bengal Pilot Service in 1828.




Source: BL: IOR: L/MAR/8/1 - Entry Papers for the Bengal Pilot Service 31st March 1818 to 5th August 1844

This is one of three volumes covering 1818 to 1861. In spite of the catalogued title, these are actually ‘Original nominations, baptismal and other certificates’ as in the Bombay Marine and these particular documents are presently in their original form. There is an alphabetical index at the front. While there are some printed forms, most of these are hand-written and typical for the mid nineteenth century - scruffy and often not at all easy to read. No example has been copied at this time.




Source: BL: IOR: L/MAR/8/5 - Lists of Rank of Volunteers appointed to the Bengal Pilot Service 1838-1861


Alphabetically indexed at the front, this gives the order of seniority, who they were sworn in by and details of sailing from the United Kingdom, often with the vessels named.






List No. 3 of 1854 (in continuation of the List Dated the 12th April 1854)


To rank from the date of sailing from Gravesend &c. and in the following order


Sir ????                


?7th? June /54

John Barnett

Per "Windsor"

Sailed 28th June 1854





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